Beetroot, Walnut & Bocchini Salad

Photography by Darren Bester Yield: 10, as a side Ingredients:  5 Bunches Beetroot, boiled, peeled, cooled & cut into quarters  200g Walnuts, broken into smaller pieces   300g Bocconcini Mozzarella Balls  2x 120g Rocket Leaves, roughly torn or punnet micro herbs  ... read more

New Baby Potato Salad with Mustard Dressing

Photography by Darren Bester Yield: 10, as a side dish  Ingredients: x2 700g Bags of Baby Potatoes, boiled, skinned & cut into quarters  10 – 12 Quail Eggs, hard boiled & seasoned with salt and pepper Caper Berries, some chopped up and some retaining... read more

Caesar Salad

Photography by Darren Bester   Yield: 4 Ingredients  8 Quail eggs 8 slices Parma Ham Baby Gem Lettuce or Crisp Lettuce or Cos Lettuce 8 Ciabatta Bread Slices Parmesan Cheese for garnishing For the dressing:  1 egg 1 clove garlic 2tsp Dijon Mustard 2 tbsp lemon... read more

Bite Sized Caprese Salad Skewers

Photography by Darren Bester   Yield: 20 – 24  Ingredients 12 Mini Rosa Tomatoes, halved 12 Bocconcini halved (fresh bite size mozzarella balls) 4 – 5 Fresh Basil leaves shredded Olive Oil Salt & Pepper to taste Cocktail Sized Fork Skewers Method:  Marinade... read more