Kiddie Goodness

Healthy Chicken Frikkadels for the Little Ones

Photography by Darren Bester Chicken Frikkadel’s with Apple & Parmesan – so healthy your toddler can eat them too !  Hudson is definitely his Mother’s child because my boy loves his food ! He may look just like his Dadda but he has his Mamma’s... read more

Banana, Blueberry, Almond & Oat Smoothie 

Photography by Darren Bester I’m a lazy fruit eater … if its too messy, I wont eat it unless its over the kitchen sink.  If it requires peeling, I’ll think twice before taking on that challenge.  I don’t like the way apple skin feels in my mouth, I can’t even... read more

Zuko Yoghurt & Fruit Lollies

Photography by Darren Bester I used the Zuko Quick Pop Maker to make these ice lollies and totally recommend this little gadget to any Mom out there! Healthy lollies in minutes and the flavour combinations are endless. I used what I had on hand and whipped these up …... read more

Quick & Easy Mini Quiches for Hungry Kiddies

I’m always trying to come up with new tasty meals & treats for Hudson… food I can make in bulk and freeze for future use.  Hudson recently turned one so we can start being a lot more experimental with flavours and combinations, the professionals advise... read more