Quick & Easy

Prawn, Lemon & Rocket Penne Pasta

I love Pasta ! When I moved to London in my early twenties, I had my first taste of basil pesto and fell in love! I would drench it over big bowls of pasta with bacon and mushrooms and I simply could. not. stop. eating. it.  Needless to say that when I flew home a... read more

Spicy Mince & Salsa Wraps

I’ve never really been a savoury mince kind a gal.  I remember going to a friends house after school and being horrified when her mother presented us with mince on toast!  A firm favourite for many, i know, but not for this lady … or at least thats what I thought... read more

Valentines Day Crumpets with Bacon and Maple Syrup

Nothing says I Love You like bacon, crumpets and maple syrup … With Valentine’s Day falling on a Sunday this year, there’s no excuse not to whip this little treat up for the people you love.   Yield: Approximately 15 Crumpets Ingredients:  For the... read more

Creamy Cauliflower Puree

There’s all this fuss about cauliflower these days, its proving to be a great substitute for rice, pizza bases and mash potato.  Aaaah… Mash Potato, how I love thee … unfortunately though, you do nothing for my waistline!  So I thought, let me see... read more

Banana, Blueberry, Almond & Oat Smoothie 

Photography by Darren Bester I’m a lazy fruit eater … if its too messy, I wont eat it unless its over the kitchen sink.  If it requires peeling, I’ll think twice before taking on that challenge.  I don’t like the way apple skin feels in my mouth, I can’t even... read more

Chicken Lettuce Wrap with a Coriander Yoghurt Dressing

Photography by Darren Bester I love chicken wraps, not only are they super tasty but they healthy too!  Its always so well received by my family that I almost feel a little guilty because it took just minutes to throw together. Just when you thought it couldn’t... read more

Zuko Yoghurt & Fruit Lollies

Photography by Darren Bester I used the Zuko Quick Pop Maker to make these ice lollies and totally recommend this little gadget to any Mom out there! Healthy lollies in minutes and the flavour combinations are endless. I used what I had on hand and whipped these up …... read more

Raspberry Swirl Semifreddo

Photography by Darren Bester This recipe is so easy, you can whip it up within minutes, pop it in the freezer and forget all about it until you ready to serve.  It makes for a great dessert when entertaining.  Have some sugar cones available, little bowls with fresh... read more

French Fries with Garlic Aioli 

Photography by Darren Bester Yield: Approximately 250ml Ingredients:  Thinly sliced french fries baked / fried & placed in canapé cones 2 Egg Yolks  1 Heaped tsp Dijon Mustard  Squeeze of Lemon Juice  1 Garlic Clove Mashed  125ml Canola Oil  125ml Olive Oil  Pinch... read more

Basil Pesto

This recipe is so quick, so easy and so tasty!  You’ll never be buying the store version again … Ingredients:  3tbs pine nuts 2 big handfuls of fresh basil  60ml parmesan cheese, grated finely with a microplane or grater 2 garlic cloves, peeled and crushed... read more

Banana Bread

Photography by Darren Bester Another childhood favourite that has stayed with me is Banana Bread.  I can quite easily eat an entire loaf by myself (I don’t, it must be said … but I would , if I could get away with it on the scale and if it wouldn’t scare my... read more

Pumpkin Pie

Photography by Darren Bester   My Sister-in-law Carmen’s Pumpkin Pie is synonymous with the words braai, lunch, dinner & celebration in our family.  No meal is complete without Carmie’s famous Pumpkin Pie!   While everyone loves it, there are 3 of us... read more

Strawberry Coulis

This quick and easy recipe can be made in minutes and will provide a good back up act to any dessert ‘main attraction’.    Yield: Roughly 300 mls  Ingredients: 5 cups of strawberries (fresh or frozen) 3/4 Cup of White Granulated Sugar 1/4 Cup of Water ... read more

Chocolate Almond Brownies with Strawberry Coulis

Who doesn’t perk up when they hear that chocolate brownies are on the menu? It is a fail safe people pleaser … So if you are having friends round & need a quick, easy and delicious dessert … This is it ! WARNING: These brownies are addictive !!!... read more

Prawns for Any Occasion!

Photography by Darren Bester   Maybe it’s because Easter is around the corner and I always associate Easter with seafood (after chocolate of course), or perhaps it’s the desire to indulge in one last al fresco lunch under the sun, before winter arrives in the... read more

Mastering Scrambled Eggs…

Who doesn’t fancy fluffy and light scrambled eggs with a slice of toast and some bacon in the morning?  It is so easy to overcook scrambled eggs, resulting in the eggs losing colour, turning brown, becoming dry or even watery.  The trick is to whisk enough air into... read more