Martha’s Favourites

Spicy Mince & Salsa Wraps

I’ve never really been a savoury mince kind a gal.  I remember going to a friends house after school and being horrified when her mother presented us with mince on toast!  A firm favourite for many, i know, but not for this lady … or at least thats what I thought... read more

Raspberry Swirl Semifreddo

Photography by Darren Bester This recipe is so easy, you can whip it up within minutes, pop it in the freezer and forget all about it until you ready to serve.  It makes for a great dessert when entertaining.  Have some sugar cones available, little bowls with fresh... read more

Mom’s Legendary Roast Potatoes

I am a potato kind of gal, always have been, always will be.  Sadly, I am not one of those ‘ladies’ who will take just one or two roast potatoes when dishing up, I’m more of a 4 or 5 roast potatoes kinda gal *blush*  Oh, and if its my Mom’s potatoes … oh boy, then I... read more

Beetroot Cured Salmon

  Photography by Darren Bester Beetroot Cured Salmon   Yield: 10 as a main dish accompanied by sides  Ingredients:  1.5kg side of Norwegian Salmon, boned & skin removed  4 Beetroots, grated 400g Caster Sugar  315g Coarse Sea Salt 2 Handfuls of fresh Dill, chopped ... read more

Pumpkin Pie

Photography by Darren Bester   My Sister-in-law Carmen’s Pumpkin Pie is synonymous with the words braai, lunch, dinner & celebration in our family.  No meal is complete without Carmie’s famous Pumpkin Pie!   While everyone loves it, there are 3 of us... read more

Roast Chicken with Lemon & Herbs

Photography by Darren Bester   In my top 5 favourite meals of all time … Roast Chicken is definitely up there!  I remember as a child, as I’m sure we all do, finding the wish bone and then finding someone to snap it with, the winner received the... read more

Chocolate Almond Brownies with Strawberry Coulis

Who doesn’t perk up when they hear that chocolate brownies are on the menu? It is a fail safe people pleaser … So if you are having friends round & need a quick, easy and delicious dessert … This is it ! WARNING: These brownies are addictive !!!... read more

Poached Perfection!

Photography by Darren Bester   Have you watched the movie Run Away Bride with Julia Roberts and Richard Gere? Where she likes her eggs however her boyfriend at the time likes his… I would do a lot of things for love, but I would not compromise how I like my eggs …! 2... read more