Fish & Seafood

Chloro Mayonnaise Sauce

Photography by Darren Bester (This sauce pairs beautifully with cold fish, such as Trout or Salmon.   See my recipe for Cured Salmon here)   Yield: 500ml Ingredients:  2 x  quantities of homemade Mayonnaise ( Mayonnaise recipe here ) 200g Baby Spinach, stalks... read more

Beetroot Cured Salmon

  Photography by Darren Bester Beetroot Cured Salmon   Yield: 10 as a main dish accompanied by sides  Ingredients:  1.5kg side of Norwegian Salmon, boned & skin removed  4 Beetroots, grated 400g Caster Sugar  315g Coarse Sea Salt 2 Handfuls of fresh Dill, chopped ... read more

Prawns for Any Occasion!

Photography by Darren Bester   Maybe it’s because Easter is around the corner and I always associate Easter with seafood (after chocolate of course), or perhaps it’s the desire to indulge in one last al fresco lunch under the sun, before winter arrives in the... read more